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Engagement Options

One of SRG's guiding principles is that we strive to meet your company's unique requirements, whatever they are. So we have developed convenient engagement options, designed to meet your specific needs and budgets. These include project-based engagements, flexible resource commitments, or both.

For example, we have developed a unique engagement approach for our SuRGe engagements including our vCISO and SuRGeTPRM services. These engagements allow great flexibility and access to our array of services and experts on an ongoing basis at remarkably reasonable costs:

  • Bronze plan - 10 hours per month
  • Silver plan - 20 hours per month with a 5% discount on projects
  • Gold plan - 40 hours per month with a 10% discount on projects
  • Platinum plan - 80 hours per month with a 20% discount on projects