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Company Overview

SRG Advisory Group LLC was founded to bring an innovative approach to the management and security of your data. We deliver powerful information security insight, project delivery and leadership to clients in a diverse range of industries. Formed with an international team of security experts and accomplished project leaders, SRG Advisory Group LLC can achieve results for you that provide sustainable security platforms. Most importantly, we ensure that everything offered is within your budgetary requirements.

The SRG team is composed of highly experienced information security professionals. We have a combined IT and information security experience of over two centuries, working in organizations from startups through Fortune 500 companies. We are all highly experienced in the consulting and professional services fields. And we came together to form SRG because we saw a better way.

We saw that, in particular, small and medium sized companies were often not well-served by traditional consulting models. Too many consultants pitch "solutions" that are tied to a vendor, or are designed to snag a bigger engagement down the road. And many consulting companies use inexperienced consultants, who haven't had much exposure to the "real world". Many others are oriented to the Fortune 500 alone, and often don't service clients well by trying to shoehorn solutions that might be great for a 100,000 employee multinational bank into a 500 employee firm.

We don't do this. Take a look at our leadership team page; these are the people who will be working directly with you. And our approach is based on understanding your company deeply: your needs, your risks, your budget, your objectives and your corporate culture. With our decades of experience, we have seen what works and what doesn't, and when you couple that with the mantra that we live "information security solutions as unique as your business", you get outcomes that really work. Designed just for you and implemented by people who will be there to help along the way.

SRG is based in New Jersey, and we have offices in Ohio, New York, Florida and California, as well as having a European presence. So regardless of where you are? We have consulting professionals able to work with you in person.

The SRG Advantage

At SRG Advisory Group we have established ourselves as a premier firm in security, information management and disaster recovery. With every project that we complete, we continue to seperate ourselves from others in the field through customer-focused engagement and strengths in:

  • Deep Expertise - Experience & Certifications
  • Global Knowledge - National and International
  • Objectivity - Vendor Neutral
  • Complete Solutions - Bridging Gaps and Meeting Needs