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"Cybersecurity solutions as unique as your business"

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Company Overview

SRG Advisory Group LLC was founded on a sole principle - bring an innovative approach to the management and security of your company’s assets. We deliver powerful cybersecurity strategies, recommendations and leadership to clients across a broad range of industries. Comprised of highly experienced, certified cybersecurity professionals with over 100 years combined expertise.  Our team works with organizations of all sizes from startups through the largest Fortune 500 companies.   Our goal...  provide sustainable cybersecurity strategies that help you acheive your business, cybersecurity and budgetary goals.

Too often, cybersecurity consulting firms focus on technology or software-based "solutions" that are tied to a specific vendor.  In addition, many consulting companies use inexperienced consultants many of which have never worked in a functional/organizational cybersecurity role resulting in a lack of “hands on/real-world” experience.  Others are oriented to Large Enterprise / Fortune 500 businesses where they attempt to shoehorn their enterprise class solutions into smaller to mid-size regional – national organizations.

At SRG, we use a different approach.  We work to understand your unique needs, risks, budgets, objectives and the culture of your organization overall. We leverage our vertical market and cybersecurity expertise to know what works and what doesn't to bring you results that are based solely on your unique needs and designed to fit and grow with your organization.

“Cybersecurity Solutions As Unique As Your Business”.

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