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John Haselmann
As the Managing Partner of SRG Advisory Group LLC, John brings decades of experience, including managerial, entrepreneurial, and economic-based thought to each client relationship. He is a skilled professional with experience in strategic planning, process improvement, and technology management, as well as professional management and guidance. John is responsible for determining the strategic direction of the business and provides support and guidance to further the development of SRG's Advisors. His education includes a BSEE from NJIT and a Master's in Industrial Management, Operations Research & Management Science from the Wharton Graduate School of Business.

Senior Partner

Chris Banta is the Senior Partner of SRG Advisory Group LLC, with more than 20 years of Information/Cyber Security Operations Management experience. Having had military experience, Chris brings a disciplined approach to his client relationships. He offers substantial knowledge in security technologies and network architecture, providing global perspective on privacy, security, data protection issues and trends. Chris specializes in Relationship Management, Team Development, Vulnerability Management, Risk Management, Compliance, Incident Response/Forensics, and Disaster Recovery Procedures.